Gaslight Cafe im TiKK Heidelberg am 24.Okktober 2019

Zu unserem Gastspiel bei der schönen Veranstaltungsreihe GASLIGHT CAFE fand Mitinitiator, Gastgeber und Moderator Frank Pyne folgende schmeichelnde Worte, die ich hier nur allzu gerne wiedergeben möchte:


Facebookeintrag 01. November 2019 um 20:33


"Another key element of the show is eclecticism. That 'now for something completely different' moment. That moment is always guaranteed when our old friend drummer and rhythm supremo Stefan Hering Cerin honours us with his presence. This time in the form of Halfmann & Hering in which he teams up with super saxophonist Niko Halfmann The duo literally blew us away. Funny, smart and supremely musical with running commentary by the incomparable Stefan Hering Cerin it's a surreal mix of quality music, hilarious slapstick and all performed in a headlong rush of momentum which amounts to pure entertainment. Thank you Nico for coming all the way from Freiburg to take part in the Gaslight Cafe."


Danke Frank, it was a pleasure as always!